Between what we see and what we think we see, there seems to be a thin veil barring
the two. Wen Xin Zheng's paintings argue this exact notion. The relationship between
„interior“ and „exterior“ prevails in her works. Her paintings can be characterized by the
permeability in materials, the unique quality of gauze which is transformed to be
applied as a transparent medium; as paint reveals the thin texture and lays the basis
of the coexistence of the many spatial layers upon the same image.

The second quality of her work leans towards two-dimensionality, featuring light and
bright colours. Finally, space and time are always heterogenous – as a result of
confrontation maybe – as the „interior“ and „exterior “ contradiction escalates over the
course of creative practice and development.

The conception of these exhibited paintings which I would like to address as the 'New
Media' series started a few years ago when communication apps became very
popular in China. The artist began to transcribe pictures posted by her friends from
her social media platforms onto canvases.

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