11 Sept – 31 Oct 2019

The Kunsthalle Koidl will be presenting works by Alex Katz, a leading figure in contemporary American art. The exhibition highlights his unique aesthetic approach since the 1950s, how he broke away form the Pop Art movement to established his own visual language.

In portraiture and outdoor scenes, Katz reduces images to their barest essentials. Imitating instantaneity with a cool, monochromic finish. These paintings and serigraphs have never before been exhibited in Berlin. 

Built in 1928, the Richard Brademann designed Kunsthalle Koidl, is an imposing irregularity within its plush Charlottenburg surroundings. Saved from near ruin by Roman Maria Koidl, the former transformer station is a uniquely positioned space, with an original exterior in the BAUHAUS style.

Alex Katz
Red Hat Ada, 2015
11-color woodcut on 640gsm paper
152.4 x 108.6 cm (59 x 42 in)
Edition of 40

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