Ausstellungsdauer: 29. April – 25. Juni 2022

Alina Aldea's first solo exhibition in Berlin, entitled "Butterfly Effect", was conceived as an insert in the framework of the fashion concept store Maisonnoée. Known for her site-specific installations, artist Alina Aldea has created a dialogue between her drawings and the clothing creations of designer Sophie Oemus (née Böhmert).

MAISONNOÉE is a Berlin-based high-quality prêt-à-porter fashion brand founded in 2013 by designer Sophie Oemus (née Böhmert). Clear cuts, simple, feminine and timeless elegance with selected materials define all of MAISONNOÉE´s collections.

Alina Aldea's "G_Series" and designer Sophie Oemus' clothing creations, conceived through a system of complex networks of fine lines, refer to the concept of the "butterfly effect". 

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