Ausstellungsdauer: 11. April – 5. Juni 2022

The exhibition That Cloud looks like a Dolphin brings together paintings by Daniel Spivakov and Jack Sommerville. Both painters employ children’s imagery in their works: Daniel Spivakov paints on Disney characters taken from a colouring book. Jack Sommerville takes kids’ drawings as the centre of his paintings created during a workshop he conducted in September 2021. The childly moves are complemented by other impulses: Violence and gesture in Daniel Spivakov, reflection and subtlety in Jack Sommerville. 

The two painters trained together at Central Saint Martins College, London. Their visual languages formed in relation with but essentially differ from one another: Bold gestures, flashy colours and pop imagery on the one side, fragile fabrics, gentle splashes and scraggy lines on the other. The form testifies to the character, perhaps. Shown together the paintings present two approaches to a related topic: children’s visuality. As a source for another image and another kind of creation. Another truth.
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