Ausstellungsdauer: 26. November 2022 - 21. Januar 2023

Mommsen35 is pleased to announce the opening of INTO THIN AIR, a solo exhibition by Israeli born, Berlin based artist Dania Weiner.

A gatherer of things and a messy archivist, the artist creates figurative works that relate to the nature of her collection. The artwork clearly references the collection, while always aware of the personal and political values reflected in it.  The pieces are a sublimation of the archive without seeking to form a historical or linear path. And so, a mash up is created; prints and paintings of the Zionist society from the Artist's home town mix together and intertwine with architectural structures, Nazi Templers in Palestine, army training scenes, fauna, and post-war imagery.

 A series of drawings, paintings and textile works form a surrealist portrait of the past, a fragmented inspection of the past imagining the future, or maybe it's the other way around.
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