Ausstellungszeitraum: 12. Mai - 11. Juni 2023

Galerie Volker Diehl is pleased to announce a solo-exhibition by Andrey Krasulin (born 1934), a classic of minimalism at DIEHL Remise at Mommsenstraße 65. Krasulin’s artistic practice is based on material polysemy and monumental characteristics of line, volume and the everyday life attributes. The primary subject of Krasulin’s work is the absence. He use damaged, odd, cripped objects that are missing something, assigning them a new interpretation. His works on paper and canvas always contain uncertainty and innuendo, leaving space for interpretation by the viewer. Krasulin’s art is often compared with “arte povera” movement, but in his works there is not a protest against some “ism”s, but a statement of the existentiality of human being.

Photocredits: Andrey Krasulin, Hero, 2022 © Marcus Schneider

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