Ausstellungsdauer: 28 April - 17 June 2023

Samuel Hindolo is a painter whose work depicts indeterminate humanlike figures situated in architectures and passageways. He occasionally also works in video, photography, sculpture, and sound. Samuel Hindolo (b. 1990, in Cheverly, Prince George’s County, Maryland) received his MFA from Bard College in 2021 and lives and works between Brussels and Berlin. Guest room is his first solo exhibition with Galerie Buchholz.

Disciples in the Garden is a depiction of Christ’s three dearest friends asleep in Gethsemane with their chins to their chests. Somewhere outside the frame is Christ complaining about something. He turns to them for support and comfort in this moment of intense agony. Night persists and his heavy eyed cohort joins him. Eventually they abandon him for a nap. The task at hand is too grand for them to confront—so rest it is! They’ve settled for a cold patch of ground. Being adrift gives them the sense that they’re elsewhere in some prolonged retreat from the present when in fact looming in the distance is something else.

In our exhibition space at Fasanenstraße 31 Samuel Hindolo presents a collaboration with Solomon Garçon (b. 1991, in London), including a series of photographs, a sound piece, and a sculpture.
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