Ausstellungsdauer: 8. November bis 22. Dezember 2023

Galerie Buchholz presents its first exhibition by Italian artist Diego Marcon, his first exhibition in Germany.
Marcon shows his new film “Dolle”, currently on view also at Centro Pecci Prato, Kunsthalle Basel and Sadie Coles London, in a setting that was specifically conceived for our gallery. The film, about 30 minutes long, depicts a family of moles in their neatly furbished burrow. While the two children are already asleep in their bed, mother and father mole are counting together from long lists of numbers, which, despite the precision and lentitude of the counting, never provide the expected sum. This produces a loop of sighs and mild frustration, interrupted by squeaky noises from the outside world and the heavy breathing of the two sleeping children.
Diego Marcon, born in Busto Arsizio in 1985, lives and works in Milan, Italy.
Marcon just opened two exhibitions at Kunsthalle Basel and Centro Pecci Prato. Earlier this year he had an exhibition at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi in Milan. Last year his film “The Parents Room” was included in the 59th Biennale di Venezia, after having its world premiere at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

Abb.: Diego Marcon: Dolle, 2023
Courtesy Galerie Buchholz