Ausstellungsdauer: 7. Oktober bis 2. Dezember 2023

In the complexity of human existence, we are constantly confronted with the definitive, the reality of birth and death. Accepting and surrendering to this truth is immensely challenging, but in the rawest of experiences, can something be born from pain?

"Por la Paz" is the result of Luz Peuscovich's internal struggle, a battle against the senselessness she experienced after the loss of her sister, Paz. A loss that was so close and premature that it defies all understanding. In her grieving process, Luz pursues her artistic practice as a method of survival, a way to channel emotional intensity.

Continuing her investigation on minerals and crystals started in 2019, Luz presents a series of large-format paintings created with crystal painting techniques. As a work with the four elements as basic alchemical symbols Luz searches for the process of transformation, serving as cardinal points returning to her artistic roots. Inspired by post-war European Informalism, these works search for contact with human emotions and the need for reconstruction. When no words can be expressed, only the gesture can transmit the inexpressible.

At the heart of the exhibition, Luz presents the installation "Alma" made with crystallized threads, which evokes her sister Paz and the fifth element, Ether. An eternal element that composes the supralunar world according to Aristotle where all is unalterable and Peace.

About the artist

Luz Peuscovich was born in 1984 in Tandil, Argentina, and currently lives in Berlin.

She studied Fine Arts at the National University of La Plata (2002-2006), Curatorship and Cultural Management at Eseade (2008-2011), Design and Scenographic Realization at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (2009-2010), Humanistic Astrology at Casa XI in Buenos Aires (2008-20012) and expert in observational astronomy at the University of Valencia (2021-2023).

She painted from 2003 to 2012. In 2009 she began to explore other disciplines and collaborations, emerging multidisciplinary works and installations. The aim of these works was to activate the five senses of visitors and expand perception through the body immersed in these works. Since early 2014, these installations began to focus on the sustainability of materials, working only with organic / natural-based materials. The focus is on the integration of human beings with nature, talking about the overexploitation of natural resources and the environmental problems of different places.

With these projects, floating and immersive installations she traveled working and showing in different parts of the world (from 2014 to 2020) in places like the USA, Germany, Panama, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Hainan, and Norway. During 2018 and 2019 she worked coordinating the artist residency La Wayaka Current within the Kuna-Yala community of Armila, on the Panama-Colombia border.

In 2019 she started with a new material research, based on minerals, to produce crystals. This research continues today, searching for the production of various types of symbolic works that tell stories.

In 2023 she developed a residency-retreat training program to teach about the visible sky and change the relationship with the stars in a concrete way. The project is called "The League of Stars".

Currently, she continues to work actively in the research intersection between art and science, seeking to produce works as symbols, clearly readable for all types of visitors.